Concrete Patio Repair Contractor Little Rock, AR

A cracked patio is more than unattractive. It also could indicate serious issues with your property, such as unstable soils or inadequate drainage. Cracks also lead to areas of your patio shifting or sinking, which can result in uneven surfaces that can be tripping hazards. Taking care of these issues now can help you avoid more serious problems in the future, which is why you should call Foamworx as soon as you see any cracks forming. We’re the top concrete patio contractors in Little Rock, AR, and throughout central Arkansas. That’s because we use a unique polyurethane foam injection technique that resolves uneven and cracked patios quickly and without disrupting your daily routines. With our concrete patio leveling services working for you, we will restore your property to its original state.

Signs That Your Concrete Patio Needs Repair

There are a number of signs you might need concrete patio repair and resurfacing. The most obvious of these is the appearance of cracks, which may be caused by water seeping in and freezing. Another warning sign is puddles of water that could indicate your patio is not as level as it used to be. Spalling, which refers to tiny chips of concrete separating from the surface, means your patio may be getting old and is in need of repair before it starts crumbling. Potholes and other areas where the concrete appears to be collapsing or sinking should be dealt with right away before they develop into something that will cost a lot more to fix.

Any of these issues should be taken seriously, not only because they are likely to get worse, but also because they represent problems in the here and now. Cracks and holes create tripping hazards that can lead to injury, and they also hurt the curb appeal of your property. However, before you commit to a full concrete patio replacement, call the experts at Foamworx to see if our services can help.

How Our Solutions Work

We are the only contractors in the area to offer polyurethane foam injection for concrete patio lifting, which is a superior method compared to the traditional techniques. Rather than excavating the site, all we do is drill a few half-inch holes in strategic locations around the patio. These are the points where we inject the foam, which fills any gaps in the soil and expands as it cures. After only about half an hour, the curing process is complete, and your patio is raised back to its original spot. The foam also serves to seal cracks by filling the voids they leave, resulting in the slab and the ground underneath being made stronger and more stable.

We serve homeowners throughout the area, including in these communities:

  • Alexander
  • Austin
  • Benton
  • Bryant
  • Cabot
  • Conway
  • Greenbrier
  • Hot Springs
  • Hot Springs Village
  • Jacksonville
  • Little Rock
  • Maumelle
  • North Little Rock
  • Sherwood
  • Ward

Why Choose Foamworx?

If you think you may need concrete patio resurfacing, give us a call first. Our fast and hassle-free foam injection process may be all you need to restore your surface to its original glory, and it can save you a lot of time and money compared to other processes. Putting your trust in us means you can count on the job being done right. If you want to learn more about everything we can do for you, reach out and speak with one of our representatives today to get a quote.