Residential Concrete Pool Deck Repair Contractor Little Rock, AR

Having an in-ground pool is a great way to beat the summer heat on your own property. However, issues with cracks in your concrete pool deck can cause worry. If you have concerns about your deck being cracked or not level, it’s time to call Foamworx. We’re your complete resource when it comes to concrete pool deck repair in Little Rock, AR. Our expertise includes repairs, concrete leveling and concrete raising. You can count on our expert services to resolve your pool deck issues.

Why a Cracked Pool Deck Needs Repairs

Concrete pool decks can start to crack due to a number of factors, from shifting soils underneath them to age to improper drainage around them. When it comes to pool deck crack repair, the sooner you get help, the better. That’s because a cracked or uneven pool deck may not be much more than a cosmetic issue at first, but it can soon lead to much bigger problems that can make it difficult to enjoy your pool or even create unsafe conditions around it.

For example, cracks can lead to tripping hazards that can cause injuries that could be serious. Uneven surfaces around pools can cause puddles to form, creating slippery areas where someone could slip and fall. If your deck is slanted toward your pool rather than away from it, that could lead to rainwater carrying dirt, leaves and other debris into your pool water. This can lead to issues with your filtration system as well as its chemical balance. Of course, water that seeps into cracks will only make the problem worse.

Our polyurethane foam injection process serves to make short work of pool foundation repairs. If you think you need a full pool deck replacement, give us a call first and let us fix the problem before it turns into something more costly.

How Our Pool Deck Leveling Solutions Work

Our unique foam injection process means we can take care of issues with concrete foundations and slabs faster than other contractors. It requires no excavation, just drilling a few half-inch holes in strategic locations. The foam is pumped into these holes, and it cures in about half an hour. Once it expands, the concrete is lifted back into its original position with the ground underneath being much more solid than before.

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Why Choose Us?

Before you commit to complete pool deck renovations to deal with your unsightly cracked deck, reach out to us to find out how we might be able to help. We’re the only contractors in the area to provide the fast and effective polyurethane foam injection technique for repairing concrete, which saves you time and headaches compared to traditional repair methods. Reach out and speak with one of our representatives today to find out more or get a quote.